Elonmars is a project that takes the mission to prepare society for the Mars colony seriously. With $ELN, we can power the Mars society with a universal basic income thru the reflectivity mechanism, expanding liquidity


As you may know, I have dedicated my life to ensuring that humanity becomes a multi-planetary species. This involves work on four front: interplanetary flight, terraforming the planet, sending settlers, and creating an interplanetary currency. I am excited to announce today the launch of our forefront in our mission to Mars. The first interplanetary currency: Elon token

The ticker is Elon (ELN), which should help prevent any confusion. I am launching this currency today, in anticipation of bringing the first settlers to Mars, for a very specific reason: To help people take the trip with me. A lot of good people have hopes of one day reaching the Moon


What is Elon?
Elon ($ELN) is the greatest moon Mars mission ever drafted in the world of cryptocurrency, launching first on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token

Think of Dogelon as a fair universal currency for the people. Everywhere. It is not a meme currency like Doge or Shiba

This is a real project that will be constantly evolving
Where can I get Elon?
The PancakeSwap link is here: PancakeSwap

The contract address is: 0x25d03a7ebbbbdba60c22dc9566f387b5b0409f57
What are the tokenomics?
1,000,000,000,000,000 ELN were created